Clare Black BSc Pod Med MChS

After a number of years working in other areas of healthcare, I decided on my career direction. In 2011 I graduated from Northampton University, with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Podiatry. I also gained the award "Best Clinical Performance" in recognition of my consistent and conscientious behaviour during my final year of study and clinical practice.

I began my career in the NHS in Staffordshire and soon gained Specialist Podiatrist status. On returning to the North West area, I spent a couple of years working in numerous NHS trusts as a Locum. This was as enjoyable as it was challenging.
Throughout my time as a Podiatrist I have been committed to professional development. I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Care from Warwick University, I have embarked on rotations into specialist Diabetes Teams and Biomechanics teams. I have even volunteered to treat tired and damaged legs and feet at the end of the London Marathon!

Currently for the most of the week, I work within the Bolton NHS Podiatry team as a Specialist Podiatrist. As well as general podiatry treatment, I regularly conduct nail surgery, on a daily basis assessing patients' foot health and identifying possible risks, and wound care is a large part of my role.

2019 brings me to work part-time as an Associate of Andrew Boyle Podiatry at Healthpoint in Formby, and the most important thing is to keep my patients comfortable and moving.






Clare Black