Louise Hannah

Hello, I am Louise.

I started my professional health career working as a cardiac nurse then I trained as a midwife. Currently I have over 16 years experience working in the NHS.

Over the years my passion for aromatherapy and exploring natural ways to promote health has grown. I am now also a qualified aromatherapist and I love to incorporate my knowledge of health and skincare to perform relaxing restorative treatments using essential oils. I produce a blend of essential oils that have been specifically selected for their therapeutic action to meet identified needs. Treatments are provided to women of all ages to help relieve specific symptoms or for general relaxation and pampering.

Louise Hannah

However, with my experience working as a midwife caring for women during the antenatal period and starting the induction of labour process.
I have particular interest in using aromatherapy in pregnancy to relieve common pregnancy aches and pains and to promote relaxation in order to stimulate natural onset of labour.

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