Ear Wax Removal @ Healthpoint Formby


Initial examination of ear £15
Ear wax removal from one ear £30
Ear wax removal from both ears £50


IMPORTANT: It is essential that your ears are examined prior to irrigation.

This can be done free of charge at your GP surgery, or by having that examination carried out at Healthpoint for a fee of £15.

The ear examination will determine if ear wax is present and ear irrigation is indicated for the removal of the wax.

PLEASE NOTE: Irrigation cannot be performed if you have had an ear infection in the last 6 weeks, or if there is a history of ear perforation in the affected ear.

You will then need to apply ear drops and return for the irrigation of one or both ears to be performed.

Often still referred to as ear syringing, ear wax removal is much more commonly done nowadays by ear irrigation.

Ear irrigation, provides a safer approach to the removal of ear wax than ear syringing.

Ear irrigation uses an electric pump to gently instill water into the ear canal, to irrigate and remove troublesome ear wax.


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Suzanne Davies

Suzanne Davies