Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise for all ages and abilities. It aims to re-shape, re-balance and
re-align the body and is particularly suitable for the prevention of postural low back pain. The many benefits of the pilates method include improved flexibility and posture , a flatter stomach and a trimmer waist through the creation of a “natural girdle of strength”.



Over 80 years ago, Joseph Pilates devised his own exercise regime. He developed a system of 34 mat exercises which could be taught in many different formats and tailored for individuals following an assessment The exercises focussed on creating a “girdle of strength” in the deep postural muscles of the torso. To this he added natural movements performed correctly, gracefully and with control.

In 1926 Joseph Pilates opened a studio in New York. His system rapidly grew in popularity, particularly with dancers, athletes and gymnasts. Joseph Pilates did not set up an official training programme for teachers. There are therefore several versions of his method in use today.